Child-Resistant Stand-Up Pouch

Product Specifications



  • Child-resistant zippers are more difficult to open, providing peace of mind that little fingers will stay out. Contact our Sales team to discuss your specific product.
  • Child-resistant zippers are available on other styles and materials of Rootree’s packaging, but do not carry this third-party material structure certification.
  • Our liquid pouch material is suitable for liquid products as well as a variety of other applications - due to its strength and puncture resistance, it is great for larger format pouches.


  • When our sustainable options just aren't quite the right fit, rest assured that you're still making a difference simply by choosing Rootree™ Flexible Packaging.
  • These pre-determined sizes allow us to reduce manufacturing waste by up to 75%



  • This metalized material allows for metallic design effects and spot embellishments
  • This nylon material also allows for vacuum sealing


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