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Redefining granola mornings while promoting joy through food; that’s exactly what Sarah Aubrey-Davies had in mind when creating More Granola.

Meet Sweet Sarah

More Granola was born from the (many) dreams of a foodie named Sarah, whose passion for culinary delights knew no bounds. It was January 2021, a pandemic was going through another wave, and Sarah was ready to come home to Toronto from Madrid armed with the idea of crafting extra chunky, freshly baked granola that mirrored the warmth and love of homemade treats.

“As a consumer, I used to buy boxes of granola and pick out all of the chunks.
I could never understand why those bigger pieces were so rare, when they were so clearly the best part of the box! To me, nothing satisfies like a crunchy, freshly baked granola bite, but I struggled to find a brand producing fresh, chunky granola made of real ingredients.”

The name More Granola was inspired Sarah’s time in the UK where she learned the term “more-ish,” which describes something that makes you crave more. An apt play on words, as people find it challenging to seal up the bags of More Granola once they’ve tasted its deliciousness – we certainly did!

The Heart of More Granola

For Sarah, healthy living is more than a trend; it’s a way of life. She finds joy in cooking, revels in outdoor activities, and believes in the power of movement and nutrition. Her genuine passion for changing the Canadian food landscape stems from her upbringing, with her mother being a nutritionist. Sarah understands the impact that real, healthy food can have on our bodies, the food system, and the planet.

More Granola is a gluten-free, plant-based, vegan, and non-GMO treat that nourishes both the body and the soul. It boasts whole, real ingredients like Canadian maple syrup, gluten-free oats, and heart-healthy EVOO. Their granola steers clear of preservatives, refined sugars, and inflammatory oils, ensuring that consumers get a delightfully wholesome snacking experience. Put that in your parfait!

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Foodie turned entrepreneur

Building a business from scratch is no easy feat, but Sarah kept her footing steady, respecting the advice of those who have walked the path, and she did it with grace.

The journey, though it presented unique obstacles, brought forth immense rewards. Sarah felt her humility deepen, and she gained a newfound appreciation for the resilience required to be a food producer or run a small business. No matter what challenge popped up in the entrepreneur’s famous game of whack-a-mole, she was determined never to compromise on the quality of the ingredients used, reflecting her unwavering commitment to promoting real, nutritious food.

Looking beyond the granola itself, Sarah takes pride in the positive impact her business has on the community. As a consumer-turned-producer, she understands the transformative power of her product. More Granola not only satisfies the taste buds but also introduces consumers to the perfect marriage of indulgent and nutritious snacking. Through demos and tastings, Sarah relishes the opportunity to change the stigma around gluten-free products and convince even the most hesitant consumers (looking at you, skeptical dads).

Packaging evolution

Initially, the Sarah used to sell her granola in simple brown paper bags with stickers. The product had immense potential, and as she gained traction and established the company in independent health-focused stores like Whole Foods, Healthy Planet, and Sobeys, she realized the importance of visually communicating her message to consumers.

“Before Rootree packaging, this brand was just a notion, then each of my flavours had their own persona that was brought to life.” Sarah fondly says, “it was like bringing characters to life in each of those individual packages, and it made it so much easier for us to communicate what they’re all about in one quick glance to the consumer.”

Her packaging was a huge benefit to her business. Not only did it tell the brand’s story and convey the simplicity of the product though the packaging, but it prolonged the shelf life, keeping it fresh for months.

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More than granola

More Granola isn’t about offering “just another” granola variant. They aim to bring a health-focused product to the market, something that differs from many of the sugary, artificially flavoured granola options that have seemingly infiltrated store shelves. Sarah’s dedication to healthy living and a connection to what we put into our bodies became the guiding light for her entrepreneurial journey.

Sarah’s granola business stands as a testament to the power of wholesome, real ingredients and the vision of a passionate foodie turned entrepreneur. Her journey is a reminder that dreams, when combined with dedication, mutually beneficial partnerships, and a sprinkle of creativity, can turn into something truly remarkable.

(…Also, her granola is truly, holistically, and undeniably delicious.)

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