Our Vision, Mission, & Values

Pocuh Peel

Why we exist

Imagine an orange.

When you peel the orange, you remove its natural packaging, and you don’t worry about where that peel is going to end up. Now imagine a future where every part of a product is an intentional part of the lifecycle, where every product exists in a full circle of sustainability.

Like the orange peel, we strive for a tomorrow where sustainability isn’t a fancy buzzword or part of a program; it’s just the way everyone lives. We see that future and are working towards it, working towards eco-responsibility that is as natural as breathing clean air.

Our Vision

A world where sustainability is the standard.

Our Mission

To provide the most sustainable path from product concept to launch.

Our Values

Eco-Inspired Innovation


We're driven by genuine interest. Who are you? What’s your purpose? Our deep care for customers and colleagues motivates us to stay curious and ask questions to understand their needs and desires, enabling us to offer the best possible solutions.


Being real is the real deal. We aim to foster a culture of accountability, stay true to our roots, and genuinely be who we say we are.
Advocating Growth

Unreasonable Hospitality

We go beyond the expected to provide everyone within the Rootree ecosystem with an unparalleled personal (customer) experience. It’s more than basic courtesy and gestures; it’s a genuine dedication to infusing the spirit of unreasonable hospitality into everything we do.
Eco-Inspired Innovation

Eco-Inspired Innovation

We continuously strive to develop new and innovative solutions that promote sustainability while meeting the growing needs of our clients and minimizing our collective environmental impact.

Advocating Growth

We believe in the power of mutual support and are committed to investing in our clients' and staff's well-being by creating a climate that prioritizes their success, growth, and happiness through meaningful collaborations and initiatives that promote their prosperity and fulfillment.