Is Flexible Packaging Right for You?

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When thinking about packaging and its related environmental impacts, there is more than just end-life to consider…


How was this made?


How much water did it use?


How much electricity did it use?


How was it transported?


How many materials are involved?


How heavy are the inputs and the finished product?

These are some of the many questions that consumers are asking about the products they're buying.

When our sustainable options just aren't quite the right fit, rest assured that you're still making a difference simply by choosing Rootree™ Flexible Packaging.

Products packaged in flexible packaging alone have 70% less primary and secondary packaging than their counterparts.

Flexible packaging weighs less than all other packaging materials.

To package 27 litres of liquid


50 LBS of

3 LBS of

6 LBS of rigid


1.5 LBS
of flexible plastic

26 trucks of unfilled glass jars


One truck of unfilled flexible packaging

Fewer trucks means lower costs and fewer emissions.

That’s a serious cost savings, both to you and the environment.
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Did you know?

  • Flexible packaging can prolong shelf life.
  • Products packaged in flexible packaging are less likely to be damaged in transit.
  • Flexible packaging features easy-open tops, an accessibility benefit for consumers.

Ready to buy?

Not all flexible packaging producers are created equal.

That’s why we have optimized our printing and manufacturing processes, which has allowed us to reduce our manufacturing waste by 75%, compared to our competitors.Here at Rootree, we’ve focused on providing the best product with the planet in mind.


The conventional packaging we manufacture is considered code #7 “other” recycling. Due to the multi-layer structure of code #7 recycling, it is frequently considered non-recyclable in Canadian waste management facilities.Fortunately, there are innovative companies that are focused on recycling the non-recyclable.
CompanyLocationAcceptsWhat They Do
TerraCycle24+ countries worldwideAlmost anythingAfter collecting through drop-off programs, free collection programs, and corporation-funded programs, they then reuse, upcycle, recycle, and compost accordingly.
United States
Soft, film plasticsThrough their store drop-off programs, they collect and use film plastics to manufacture composite decking.

Looking for more sustainable options?
Rootree is pushing the limits and leading the industry towards a more environmentally conscious future.
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