Music, jokes, and colouring pages
Here’s a little something for people of all ages.

May your holidays be filled with serenity, the melody of laughter, and the warmth of good company.
Wishing you a year of abundant success and good health.
The Rootree Family


Printable Gift Tags

You finished your shopping list; all your gifts are bundled in cute boxes and bags... Only to realize that you forgot cute matching name tags. Rest assured, stay cool, you’ve done so much Here’s a print & cut kit to add your final touch

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Yoga Tutorials

The best way to fight the winter’s cold Is through inhaling and exhaling with each stretch and fold Join our Director of HR for an in-home yoga session You might just find yoga is your favourite new obsession

Yoga Tutorials
Yoga Tutorials
Yoga Tutorials

Winter Puns & Dad Jokes

Welcome, fellow pun master, bookmark this for when you feel like being funny A list of dad jokes, that are as bad just as they are punny We caution you though, you may get some eye rolls from these jokes But at the end of the day, you’ll be bringing a laugh to many folks


Rootree's Recommended Reading & Watching List

Let’s face it, Home Alone is a classic. But there are only so many times it can be re-run. Whether you’re wanting to have a Netflix binge. Or enjoy a night in with a loved one. Our staff has shared a list of their faves, Books & movies you can enjoy this holiday season. Turns out that sustainable flexible packaging Is not the only thing they have expertise in.


Ice Breakers & Conversation Starters

Talking about the weather can only get you so far So here are some topics to set the conversation bar You may learn something new about a family friend You may not even want the conversation to end


Reusable Present Wrapping Tutorial

This is Furoshiki, a Japanese gift-wrapping technique To give your gifts a special touch that everyone will think is unique Go for cloth or linen this year, wrapping paper is so 2021 Late-night gift wrapping just got a whole lot more fun

Reusable present wrapping tutorial

Colouring Pages

Colouring on a snowy day With a cup of hot cocoa and cream Is a family activity that certainly Makes wintery days a dream Two colouring pages for both kids and kids at heart Time will fly and bring you peace From the moment that you start

Children’s Colouring Page

Colouring Pages

Mindful Colouring Page

Colouring Pages
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Rootree Radio

If you're thinking all I want for Christmas is a brand-new playlist. Well follow us on Spotify and allow us to assist. Filled with holiday bops, and classic old tunes. For more than driving home from work on snowy afternoons. Of course, Rootree_Radio has some great non-holiday songs. For winter dinner parties, focus fuel, and family singalongs.


Happy Holidays from the Rootree Family

Happy Holidays from the Rootree Family

Monday Motivation

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Every Monday at Rootree, our Director of HR sends out an email. Reminding us to take a moment for ourselves, to inhale and to exhale. She sends us motivational videos, and poems for us to read. It truly is appreciated and often just what we need. We all know that the holiday season is more than snowy days & elves. It’s a season of giving and sharing and reflecting on ourselves. As we end the year and a new one is about to start. Here are some sweet links for a clearer mind and a lighter heart.


In-the-House Scavenger Hunt

The kids have pent up energy They’re running down the halls Give it another 5 minutes And they’ll be bouncing off the walls! It’s time to give them a task So they can simmer down a little Send them on this scavenger hunt, There’s something to find in each riddle Split into two teams The most important rule of the game Is to put everything back To exactly from where it came